Cultural programme


Students at Version Original organize cultural and leisure activities along with the teachers, so that you can be immersed in our culture as well as learning the language.

With these types of activities you will discover, not only the tourist Barcelona which is in guides, but also the places local people frequent.

the cultural programme includes activities such as:

- tours around the most important museums in the city: Picasso Museum, MACBA, MNAC, Miró Foundation, etc.
- exploring the medieval part of the city by walking around the Gothic Quarter.
- day walks around Barcelona following the Modernist Route.
- visits to Gaudí’s fabulous buildings and taking part in Spanish speaking activities in La Sagrada Familia.
- trying cava (typical Catalan wine) in a wine cellar.
- watching Spanish films and participating in our cinema round table.

Some of the leisure activities are:

- going to eat tapas in the evening.
- listening to flamenco music.
- visiting a typical wine shop and drinking wine.
- going on field trips
- visiting places outside Barcelona, for instance Sitges and other villages.
- dancing salsa.
- cooking and taking part in our gastronomic tastes.